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Just got done with a lovely 2 mile walk with Gracie Lou. I decided it was about her tonight (no running) and she could sniff while I sniffed in the fragrant breezes of lilacs & crabapple blossoms while the birdies and peep frogs were a singin.
I was in a real funky sort of depressed state of mind. I my miss my hubby, who is up in the Boundary Waters for the week. He’s been gone since Saturday. Okay I need to see you now! And I stayed out WAY too late last night. Been in a daze all day.
So I strapped on the kicks and got our there. It is such a beautiful day-sinful to waste it.
And now I feel so much better. I might even start a book tonight.
Sleep tight lovers.

Nap. Run. Theatre.
I ate all the food today. But I was soooo tired I was sleep eating. That’s the worst. Cuz I am SO aware of it! Gross.
Left work early to take a nap, get a run in before date night with my honey.
Pre show happy hour with one of my favorite beers! My friend Samantha is a costume & millinery artist for the Guthrie Theater. So she hooked us up with GREAT seats to the production of “Crimes of the Heart”. It was funny & entertaining. Even the hub like it.
Well thank Bejesus they were free cuz I got a pretty lil parking ticket. Blerg.
Oh well. It was worth it!

And rest.
I’ve put in a little bit of time where I could.
I had a solo run with 1lb weights on Tuesday. Sometimes it’s nice to run sans doggie.
Yesterday on my lunch I walked to my gym, did a 20min arm workout & walked back. It was too nice out not to be outside. Plus I’ve got a good glow going on (summer’s almost here!)
Today i took it easy. I’m closing tonight & taking in the merch truck. And I’m going to kick my team’s asses! But in a good way ;)
Time to shove food in my hole. Ta ta!

Happy birthday to my honey!

We trout fish in the south eastern most part of Minnesota. It’s 30mins from La Crosse, Wi. For the past 3-4 years we’ve been going to the Bodega Pub there. We always sit at the same spot at the bar in front of the copper lazy Susan cooler (it’s the shit!) and take a selfie. Last year we befriended one of the bartenders, Sam. We keep in touch through Untappd & FB. He wasn’t working today, but he still came in to hang out with us. And bought us lunch & bevos. What a nice jerk. I didn’t catch any fish this weekend (I’m still in shock) but I did catch a nice afternoon buzz.
AND we got to buy beer & wine. On SUNDAY.

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