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Race for the Beer!
Well, I guess I’ve been MIA for too long. My apologies, friends.
First lets talk about this race! A group of us beer gals, better known as Barley’s Angels, went to the country’s 2nd oldest brewery, Schell’s, for the 2nd annual Lauger Lauf 6K & 12K. It was fun, muggy, and definitely some hill ass kickin.
Being held at a brewery, I’m sure my liver needs a rest. It was a great time with good friends. And we hung out with the master brewer & oldest son of the current president. ( yeah, he’s single, cute, and a runner too!) I ran a pretty shitty race, but it was totally worth it! Can’t wait til next year!
Second, my love has taken a job working third shift. Talk about serious adjustments! So being motivated has been a bit trying. I spend most of my time making sure he gets up for work. Real quality time, folks. But as he gets used to it & see his fat paycheck all will be better!
The icing on the cake is we get to go up north to our friends cabin for the weekend. Without them! Sweet. Now there will be some quality time! Fishing, sunning, funning. Oh boy!!
Well, here’s hoping I stick to my plan for the week. Wish me luck!

Yay! Sunshine!!
I’m sitting on a bench in a shopping complex, overlooking a man made pond, duckies a swimming, Costco & The Home Depot lurking in the mist…lol! It’s really gorgeous out & I’m waiting for a friend so we can share in the damage ofCostco! Right now, consumerism can wait. I’ll soak up this glorious abundance of sunshine kisses!!!
(And there’s a tree growing out of my head!)

Sunday funday…
It was so sunny and happy this morning, I refused to not go for a run! I was in shorts ( holy white legs) and a tank…so nice! I was really glad to see my stats- getting a little faster, and consistent pace in my last 2 miles. Yay!
Post run we finally went to our first Twins game against the Rangers- love me some Ian Kinsler!! We have given away 2 games so far…but the real bummer is I had to leave to close the store. Boo!!!! And clean up after all the spring fevered maniacs!! Oh well. Cheers & enjoy this lovely Sunday night!!
(Forgot to post Friday I went for a 8 mile bike ride! Woot!)

Remember this lil cutie?
Our first official run of 2013.
I felt like I had lead boots on. I’m still a bit sore from my “can’t stop running” run on Tuesday. I’m all out of excuses. Those were used up the past 6 months.
While I was running sans music (what was I thinking??) I figured, this is a way to get fresh air. Sunshine (vitamin D!). And get some exercise no matter how far I go. Lifestyle. It’s gotta be a lifestyle.

Rest day!

Progressively got more sore throughout the day..but I was actually digging it. I am pretty stoked for tomorrow’s run. It will be much tamer…I hope!
Had a good day with my honey & worked a few hours at the brewery tonight. Tomorrow is our last full day off together. Lots to do! G’night Peeps!

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