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Sets on the Beach…

That’s my sand volleyball team. My plan backfired.

The scenario :
A few months ago I was at a fellow coworkers going away party. Most of her crew? Her sand volleyball team. I of course has to pipe on that I played for 6 years and was pretty good. Her spot needed filling. I obliged & passed my email & phone info.
Only heard twice about our team & not until February. And the team name was awful, like saddam’s husseins or something. I was turned off & disregarded messages, never to think about it until….
Last week when I got the email with our schedule & to set up a practice time. I tried to avoid it. B has softball on Mondays, he loves his fans. So no is the answer (and passive aggressive mind you).
Well it bit me in the butt. I was at work last night and picked up my phone. It was the team captain. “are you in?” brief pause…..”yes” says I.
I don’t have the money to play, but then I remembered what it’s all about.
Fun, fitness, and adventure. Oh and kickin some major ass on the courts!!! Woot woot! First practice is tonight!

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